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There’s no need to fear your financials. As highly experienced and efficient bookkeepers, we gift you with confidence and that breathe-easy feeling when your numbers are in order and business is moving forward.

We are modern bookkeepers who strip back the confusing corporate speak and deliver a down-to-earth service that allows you to thrive.

Let us sort out the numerical weeds so the good stuff can really flourish.


Numbers are our thing.

We work with small to medium size businesses using Xero. As Certified Xero Advisors, we know Xero back to front. We streamline your Xero processes and create organised systems unique to your business.

We keep you in line with the ATO, giving you the headspace and time to concentrate on areas of business that you are good at.

Accountants love us! We make their job easier as they can complete the tax return quickly and efficiently. Resulting in reduced accounting costs for you. Win-Win!

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Xero Bookkeeping Services

We tailor our bookkeeping offering according to your unique business needs and goals, operating on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly schedule. Feel free to reach out for a complimentary initial consultation.

Ready to gain control of your finances and feel empowered to grow and run your business?


Nea Alexandra Bookkeeping logo


A money tree forms the heart of the logo for Nea Alexandra Bookkeeping. The design ties in firmly with my value-based approach to my services. According to ancient Chinese mythology, the money tree symbolises prosperity, wealth and healthy abundance. The legend links back to a poor farmer who stumbled upon an exquisite tree on his land after years of praying for financial relief and improved luck. He cared for the tree and began to grow more to sell so others could appreciate its beauty. He quickly became one of the wealthiest men in the area, crediting the tree for his newfound financial freedom. A well-nurtured money tree grows tall and strong, with good fortune woven into the folds of the trunk and happy energy radiating from its leaves. The special tree also represents a balance of the five elements of Feng Shui – wood, water, fire, metal, and earth. This significant tree that attracts wealth and financial confidence also imbues a sense of harmony and positivity, and it’s for those reasons the beautiful symbol is the shining hero of my branding.


Certified Bookkeeper and Registered BAS Agent
Based in beautiful Byron Bay servicing Australia wide.

ABN 95 312 728 702 | BAS Agent 84121007

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We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional custodians of the land that we live and work on, the Arawal people of the Bundjalung nation.
We extend that respect to the traditional custodians of the lands of our clients.

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