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We are on a mission to change the mindset of small business owners who do their own bookkeeping

Do you hear yourself saying, 'I should be doing my bookkeeping because we can't afford to pay a bookkeeper'? Did you know not having a bookkeeper can lead to lost time, money and energy?

Without the proper training or experience, there’s a chance you are making bookkeeping mistakes that cost you in the long term. Time spent on bookkeeping is time spent away from what you are good at, resulting in revenue decreases and missed opportunities. Not to mention the stress and procrastination that can cloud over anything to do with cash flow and seep into other aspects of your work and life.
Refocus your resources and leave your bookkeeping to the professionals, so you can confidently make vital business decisions with accurate numbers and a clear-cut reading of your business’s financial health.

We specialise in creating beautiful spreadsheets with easy-to-read monthly and annual figures for small business owners who don’t want the added expense or complexity of accounting
programs like Xero

An example of the Spreadsheet Report you’ll receive as part of our service

At tax time, the information we collect and format is shared with your Accountant, who can then complete your tax return quickly and efficiently, saving you money on accounting service fees. Yet another intelligent reason to consider a bookkeeper! 

Our stress-free plan will gift you a healthy
work/life balance.

5 Steps

To completing your tax return

Call today, and let us walk you through the simple steps to your bookkeeping bliss.